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Gyártó: Paudio
Cikkszám: E-15LF
45,990 Ft Nettó ár: 36,213 Ft

  • Elérhető: Raktáron 2

The E-15LF is a high acoustic output loudspeaker designed for use in multi way sound reinforcement systems. The transducer is a 15 inch (389mm) diameter design that is intended for use as the low frequency component in two way professional system designs.

The E-15LF features a rigid stamped steel chassis coupled to a large diameter Ferrite based permanent magnetic system. The very large 4 inch (101.6mm) diameter voice coil provides excellent power handling and thermal capacity. The use of high conductivity copper conductor and high temperature adhesives insure long term reliability.The com- bination of this very large voice coil and large magnet structure insure high ef ciency in the rated operating bandwidth. The E-15LF is rated for use between 50Hz and 1500Hz and will provide excellent low fre- quency impact and mid band clarity in this frequency range. Because of its high mid band ef ciency, the E-15LF should be used in two way system designs where the high frequency response is provided by a professional level compression driver and horn combination.

Névleges teljesítmény 800 Watt (rms)
Érzékenység 96 dB
Impedancia 8 Ohm
Frekvenciaátvitel 50Hz - 1500Hz
Mágnes típusa Ferrite

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