BM-D 446

The P Audio philosophy of continuous improvement requires constant research and development efforts..

24,550 Ft Nettó ár: 19,331 Ft


A Paudio újratervezte a BM szériájú hangszóróit. A BMD340S egy nagy teljesítme..

17,990 Ft Nettó ár: 14,165 Ft

BM-D750 II

The P Audio BM-D750 is a state of the art high output compression driver. Advanced engineering and ..

45,490 Ft Nettó ár: 35,819 Ft


The E-15LF is a high acoustic output loudspeaker designed for use in multi way sound ..

45,990 Ft Nettó ár: 36,213 Ft


The P Audio E10-150S is a high output full range/mid bass transducer. The E10-150S is..

17,590 Ft Nettó ár: 13,850 Ft


The P Audio E12-200S is a high output low frequency transducer. The E12-200S is an up..

21,550 Ft Nettó ár: 16,969 Ft


The P Audio E12-300S is a high output low frequency transducer. The E12-300S is an up..

26,950 Ft Nettó ár: 21,220 Ft


The P Audio E15-300S is a high output low frequency transducer. The E15-300S is an upgraded design t..

29,900 Ft Nettó ár: 23,543 Ft


The PH-170 is an elliptical wave guide high frequency horn. The PH-170 features a 1 inch (25.4mm) t..

5,590 Ft Nettó ár: 4,402 Ft


The PH-180 is a short throw, axis asymmetric horn design. The horn features a nominal 100 degree ho..

7,690 Ft Nettó ár: 6,055 Ft


The P Audio PH-220 is a fully rotatable, medium format high frequency horn. Because the horn mouth ..

10,990 Ft Nettó ár: 8,654 Ft


The P Audio PH-2380 is a 2 inch ( 50 mm) throat high frequency horn. The PH-2380 is a horizontal fo..

19,890 Ft Nettó ár: 15,661 Ft


The PH-2510 is a diffraction style high frequency horn. The low profile height of 4.33 inches (112m..

5,790 Ft Nettó ár: 4,559 Ft


The PH-3223 is a medium format horn that features a 90 degree horizontal by 55 degree vertical radi..

19,890 Ft Nettó ár: 15,661 Ft


The PHT-408 is a rectangular format high output integrated horn and driver. The system features a h..

8,250 Ft Nettó ár: 6,496 Ft

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