• BM-D 446

The P Audio philosophy of continuous improvement requires constant research and development efforts aimed at upgrading critical performance parameters. The BM-D 446 high performance compression driver presents many improvements in both amplitude and time domain response. These technological advances represent additional improvements in the very successful BM-D series of high performance compression drivers. The BM-D 446 magnet gap geometry has been redesigned to improve both the time domain and amplitude domain response in the critical upper vocal range between1kHz and 3kHz. These performance improvements translate into superior vocal range intelligibility and clarity. Additional improvements in the phase plug spacing and rear volume have yielded substantial improvements in the10kHz range that translate into superior ultra high frequency accuracy. The BM-D 446 is ideal for use in high output two way professional audio system designs.

BM-D 446

  • Gyártó: Paudio
  • Cikkszám: BM-D 446
  • Elérhető: Előrendelés
  • 24,550 Ft

  • Nettó ár: 19,331 Ft


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